Whether it’s creating the perfect business type and entity for you, or finding a tax strategy that was missed by a previous accountant, we want to make sure you keep as much of your money as possible while living a quality of life that you deserve.

Here are some great stories on how we have helped our clients. We hope you can be our next success story.

  • Created a solution for a client’s $200,000 expected income tax liability. After our services, their savings exceeding $135,000.
  • Resolved Client/IRS conflict by educating the IRS agent in the process. Our creative solution was accepted. We saved the client $35,000.
  • We helped negotiate a marital dissolution between hostile spouses savings thousands of dollars in support payments.
  • We changed a client’s business structure to save over $6,000 per year in taxes. Our solution simultaneously provided greater asset protection from lawsuits.
  • We providing valuable financial data a client’s property tax assessor and reduced the client’s annual property tax by $5,000.
  • One client brought in a prepared tax return, not yet filed, for the firm to review. This client went from having to pay $4000 in taxes to the IRS to getting a refund of $4500. Their previous accountant missed several deductions that were the result of new tax code deductions that we were aware of because of our continuing tax code coding efforts.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling us. Your consultation is free. Call us today.